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Booking your wedding date!

The process & how to secure your date

1.  Check my 2018 WELCOME PACKAGE

2.  Select services- There is a minimum to book your wedding. Bride & 3 additional services (hair or makeup).  

3.  Confirm your quote- A quote will be sent to you right after you confirm the # of services, this quote will include travel fees (if applied).

4.  Fill out and sign the contract- After accepting your quote, a contract will be sent, fill it out as soon as possible. Make sure you take in consideration of your wedding planner, photographer and venue timeline.

5.  Send Retainer.

6.  Set a time for the Preview (trial)- I suggest that my Brides schedule a preview at least 3 months in advance of their wedding. Check your calendar and pick a few dates and send them to me to confirm the one that will work for both of us. You will receive another email confirming the time, location and all the instructions to follow.

*For out of town Brides or Brides that are not planning to have a trial, I’m available to Skype or to meet at my Studio for a quick consultation (15-20min)

7.  Preview (Trial)- This is when the fun part begins! Previews take between 2-3 hrs. at my studio. You may bring someone with you, someone that will help but also will let me be the artist.

8.  Prepping for your Wedding day!- A month before the wedding I will go over the details with you or planner, we will work on a timeline to assure everyone is ready on time, and finalize the details. The final timeline will be sent to you a week before the wedding.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Let's book your wedding now!

Yessie Libby